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LINGAP-Canada Commemorates Human Rights Day, December 10

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Friday, December 10, 7:30-9:30 PM

Visit LINGAP-Canada website for zoom link:

LINGAP-Canada’s vision is to help build a peaceful, nonviolent, just, inclusive and sustainable Canada, Philippines and world. This vision cannot be fulfilled unless all human rights of all peoples are upheld and defended, hence it is most relevant for LINGAP-Canada to join the global community in celebrating Human Rights Day.

In 2020, LINGAP-Canada held a well-attended and successful virtual Human Rights Day forum in which over 30 individuals from all walks of life, representing diverse social and cultural institutions and groups presented their meanings and perspectives of human rights.

For 2021, LINGAP-Canada commemorates Human Rights Day by hosting a virtual play entitled “The Human Rights Monologues”. The play will feature individuals or groups of 2 or 3 Filipino-Canadians, other interested Canadians, and Filipinos in the Philippines who will read concise prepared scripts (“monologues”). These monologues will tell stories or experiences of human rights violations experienced by various peoples as well as the appeals or statements of people who are acting in solidarity to defend and protect those human rights.

Specific groups of peoples included in this Human Rights Monologues Play include: Migrant workers; Indigenous peoples; Refugees; Women & other Gender identities; Older persons; Persons with disabilities; Farmers & Fisherfolk; Urban poor; Victims of racism; Faith communities facing discrimination; Victims of armed conflicts and political violence, Media workers, and others.

Watch LINGAP-Canada Human Rights Monologues Below!

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