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LINGAP-Canada Joins the World in celebrating UN Day

Through our vision, mission, goals and activities, LINGAP-Canada has been seeking to build a world based on nonviolence, social justice, human rights, intercultural understanding, sustainable futures, and inner peace.

We therefore affirm the following message of the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 24 October 2021 calling on all peoples and nations to act in solidarity to address and resolve the urgent common crises facing humanity.

Seventy-six years ago, the United Nations was created as a vehicle of hope for a world emerging from the shadow of catastrophic conflict.

Today, the women and men of the UN carry this hope forward around the globe.

COVID-19, conflicts, hunger, poverty and the climate emergency remind us that our world is far from perfect.

But they also make clear that solidarity is the only way forward.

We need to come together to tackle great challenges and advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

By ensuring that every person, everywhere, has access to COVID-19 vaccines sooner than later.

By securing and upholding the rights and dignity of all people - especially the poorest and most disadvantaged, girls, women, children and young people.

By seeking an end to the conflicts that scar our world.

By making bold climate commitments to save our planet - and living up to them.

And by building global governance that is more inclusive, networked and effective - as detailed in my recent report, Our Common Agenda.

The values that have powered the UN Charter for the last 76 years - peace, development, human rights, and opportunity for all - have no expiry date.

As we mark UN Day, let's unite behind these ideals, and live up to the full promise, potential and hope of the United Nations.


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