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Updated: Dec 16, 2022

One of the annual activities of LINGAP-Canada is the celebration of Human Rights Day on December 10. In 2020, we held an online Forum featuring over 30 Canadians in diverse fields who presented their perspectives and experience of human rights. In 2021, we presented a Human Rights Monologues to dramatize human rights violations and protection of many marginalized groups or communities in Global North and South contexts.

For this year, 2022, we provided a compilation describing the inspirational vision and work of 13 Human Rights Defenders in Canada and 10 in the Philippines.

We honour these Human Rights Defenders for their contributions to social action to help overcome human rights violations and protect human rights of peoples and humanity in local, national, and global contexts. We have uploaded the powerpoint presentation as a YouTube video

We are hopeful that the vision and work of these defenders will inspire people who view this video to be active local and global citizens in building a culture of human rights toward a culture of peace not only in Canada and the Philippines, but also in the wider world community.

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