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International Day of Peace THANK YOU's & COMMENTS

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Comments from our Participants

Chito Atienza

President (Director), Koro Filipino

Congratulations to all organizers...great job!!!

I had the pleasure of watching the concert and enjoyed the various presentations and performances, featuring a wide variety of talented artists and community groups and more importantly, messages of peace and togetherness.

Most inspiring event during these difficult times - not just this pandemic, but also because all the unrest, divisions, and hatred all over. Am happy that Koro Filipino was asked to join.

Wishing you all continued success in spreading peace all over, all the time.

Thank you very much to LINGAP-Canada.

Amanda (Inday) Toledo

Director, The Filipino Senior Citizens Association Golden Choir

The FSCA GOLDEN VOICE CHOIR is truly grateful to LINGAP-Canada's International Day of Peace Concert. We had so much fun and I hope that we can do it again.

Congratulations to all of you for a job well done.


Teresita Ramos

Director, Canticle Choir

Many thanks for including our group for this beautiful celebration of peace.

The concert was very impressive and we all enjoyed watching it.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you for putting this together and sharing with us this blessing of PEACE!

God bless.

Lauren & Emman Lizada

Singers (Artist House Studio)

It was a pleasure and a great honor to be a part of Lingap Canada.

We are grateful performing in front of all our fellow Filipinos.

Gerald Penaco

Penaco Trio

I just wanted to congratulate LINGAP-Canada on a beautifully put together virtual concert.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for allowing us to be involved in it, and for organizing this event. All the best!

What our Viewers say!!!!

Dr. George B. Borromeo

Public Schools District Supervisor-SDO Manila

IDP Peace Concert is an opportunity for us to reflect and rekindle our spirit of sustaining peace in our respective land. Each song reveals a strong connection of our love for peace and our country. What made me happier in this concert are the Filipino groups living in Alberta whose love to our country remains as reflected through their music. Goosebumps!

Founder/Director, Peace Education Center

Miriam College, Philippines

What a meaningful and beautiful concert! Thanks and kudos to Lingap Canada!

Happy International Day of Peace! Mabuhay tayong lahat.

Congratulations to Dr. Toh Swee-Hin, Zoltan, Erika, and many others who put this together. All the choir groups, singers, and musicians featured here are well appreciated and admired.

I am happy that the song by Rev. Fr. Sammie Maximo, an indigenous from the Cordillera, has been featured here. May the Source of peace guide us always.

Congratulations to Lingap Canada and all the participants and performers. You all did a wonderful job and more power to you all!

Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring show. Peace and love to you all.

Maraming salamat po for putting this wonderful concert together and for sharing it to all of us!

Good evening. Watching from Tacloban City, Philippines. Thank you for the invitation.

Greetings to all Filipinos in diaspora in Canada. Happy International Day of Peace!

Congrats to all performers and guests! It’s all beautiful!!!!

Beautiful voices...Product of the Philippines....I'm bursting with pride.

Erna Bambao

I watched the whole show. Couple of performers that I specially liked although some of the background music and sound quality were not good but still sounds great. Congratulations to LINGAP- Canada and all the participants and performers. You all did a wonderful job and more power to you all!

Feel free to watch the video below!

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